Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beer Batter Cream Dory in Garlic Mayo Dip



one can light beer
creamy dory
white pepper


1. Cut cream dory into desired pieces and season with salt and pepper (add some lemon zest)
2. Pour some flour into a bowl and slowly mix in beer, beat it carefully and avoid bubbles
3. Heat oil in deep pot or deep fryer 
4. Take the fish, piece by piece, dip it into the batter then submerge it into the pot until golden brown
5. Collect pieces from the pot and drain of excess oil with paper towel
6. To make dip: Combine chopped garlic, mayonnaise and some lemon zest into a food processor 

Some people will make the batter with egg, but I don't like it with egg because I feel that it make it thicker, tougher and heavy. The flour and beer is very soft and fluffy; adding egg to it will only ruin it, believe me. You, also, should know that the beer sort of steams the fish, so you do not have to keep it long in the fryer. You do not have to wait for the batter to be crisp, for the fish to be cooked inside because the beer will continue to steam the fish, even when you take it out of the pot. 

Also, the flour to beer ratio is 1:1. When you dip the fish into the batter, do not let it stay in the batter too long. Dip it once and then drop it in the pan, otherwise you will get a very thick flour coating which can be quite gross. Lastly, if you do not have lemon, it's okay really. I've cooked this many times with lemon and it's okay... it's just better with it, but you shouldn't beat yourself up, if you can get one. 

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